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First and foremost, I'm a mum of two gorgeous girls and a handsome British bulldog. I love food, the outdoors and spending time with my friends and family. I'm also a dietitian and I love helping people.

I've completed an undergraduate degree in Human Movement, a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics and a PhD in nutrition and high performance sport. I have worked across a number of areas in the nutrition industry including: R&D and marketing in the food industry, including development of functional beverages and energy bars; conducting health and wellbeing programs in the mining, transport and corporate sectors; teaching within the tertiary education setting; Sports nutrition with development, elite, and professional athletes.


Working across multiple sectors has allowed me to develop skills in translating the science to practice, but most importantly working with people from a diversity of backgrounds. We are all different. Why we eat and what we eat is different for everyone and l love helping people discover what works for them. 

I currently work with the Victorian Institute of Sport and prior to this worked with the Collingwood AFL, AFLW and SSN netball teams for over 8 years. I also work with the Malaysian track cycling team who are based in Melbourne, who recently won an Olympic silver medal. Prior to this I worked with the Western Bulldogs football club where I completed my PhD, and in the A-League for Melbourne Victory for 6 seasons.  

Throughout my time with these professional teams I've particularly loved working with young development athletes. The adolescent and teenage years are a critical time to maximise nutrition intake and food behaviours.


  • Undergraduate in Human Movement - University of Technology Sydney

  • Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics - University of Sydney

  • PhD - Nutrition and High Performance Sport - Victoria University 

  • Accredited practicing dietitian - Dietitians Association of Australia

  • Advanced sports dietitian - Sports Dietitians Australia 

  • ISAK level 1 Anthropometrist 

  • Vice Chair of the AFL SDA Committee

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